The 2009 Midlothian Elections – Political Positions of Non-Candidates

Click here for A Look Back At the Political Promotional Campaigns of the 2009 Midlothian Election

Even though the elections are over, it still is important to preserve at least some of the elements that went into the election, including some of the published political materials being distributed leading up to the 2009 election of non-candidates.

These are historical documents reflecting the political statements being made by candidates leading up to the 2009 Election and are of public domain in their entirety.  Fair use allows for publication of such documents entirely intact and for archival purposes, however use of any of the logos, pictures or other signature features of the advertisements as separate graphic elements is subject to various copyright and trademark laws.

These documents are historical markers designed to be distributed to one or many, with content crafted to coax a reader one way or another on whatever topic(s) and/or symbols are contained in the materials.  Any bias displayed with these contributions on the part of The Midlothian Illinois Record is through the limited receipt of these campaign materials via the United States Postal Service.  It remains part of the scope of The Midlothian Illinois Record Project to continue collecting these types of historical documents as circumstances permit and I hope to have a way for others to submit materials online in the very near future.


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