Introducing The Village of Midlothian History Blog

One of the most challenging hurdles to overcome when faced with continuing to transcribe historical and/or official documents into a digital format is the human capital expenditure.  Even with typing skills in the 90’s or even the 100’s, the actuarial formulas guiding our “Economy” continue to churn out a “too expensive” conclusion for this particular side of life.

I am hoping those that come here seeking historical-based knowledge about Midlothian, Illinois will be patient with the time frame involved with this type of a project.  I cannot update it on a daily basis and when I do update it, there will be multiple entries due to help coming in from a variety of sources with the same erratic schedule issues I face.

I have had the honor and priviledge to interact with so many amazing people here in this Village and the surrounding communities and hope this effort serves this community well.  It really is a Village built on pride…

Pride in a good day’s work for a good day’s pay…

Pride in having time to indulge in a little bit of fun because the tasks and chores can wait just a moment or two longer because there’s still enough daylight to get a game of baseball or soccer in or maybe a visit to the playground…

Pride in maintaining and celebrating traditions both old and new…

Pride in how their community looks…both inside and out…

Pride in how their community interacts with the rest of the world…

And to think you won’t even have to take my word for it…unless you want to, of course, since I don’t own the copyright on this stuff anyway.  It just happens to be public records I thought would be of value to the community while saving them a few tax dollars in the process by doing it for free. 😉 

Warmest wishes,

Valerie Martin


About Midwestern Valerie

Creator and host of Advanced Midlothian Politics on WordPress, Facebook and Twitter: Researcher, writer and journalist since the 1970's.
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