1958 Village of Midlothian Board

President – Henry J. Milen

Trustee – Ch. Finance – John F. Goonrey

Trustee – Ch. Public Safety – Vernon G. Swillum

Trustee – Ch. Building – Walter B. Samet

Trustee – Ch. Roads and Drainage – Fred Massat

Trustee – Ch. Water and Sewer – Roy Steffen

Trustee – Ch. Public Relations – Wilbert E. Scharlau

Clerk – Nelle E. Burton

Treasurer – Glen L. Pyles

Police Magistrate – Louis Sannito

Attorney – Walter B. Briody

Engineer – Raymond W. Robinson

Chief of Police – John A. Ward, Jr.

Captain – Anthony Dell

Lieutenant – Walter Pence

Sergeant – Dominick Chiaro

Chief of Fire Department – Frank J. Wiswell

Chief of Fire Prevention – Charles N. Anderson

Superintendent of Public Works – William E. Bay, Jr.

Building Inspector – Martin Steinhagen

Zoning Board Chairman – John S. Knight

Zoning Board Secretary – James N. Lesparre

Police and Fire Commissioners – Charles B. Largen, James M. Kennedy, Louis M. Kalis

Health Officer – Carl E. Smith, M.D.

Civil Defense – Louis M. Kalis

Library Board Chairman – Albert Clifton

Business Office (Office) Manager – Kay Skedd

Business Office Relief Clerk – Laurane Tull

Secretary – Elaine Hoeltgen


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