1958 Letter from Village President

To the Residents of Midlothian,

As the President of the Board of Trustees and the Village of Midlothian, I am proud to send you this report of what your local government has been doing during the past year.

Midlothian continues to grow in population and in importance in this southwest portion of Cook County. It is fast becoming a significant shopping center; a village of homes with ample school and recreational facilities; a village with improved roads, plenty of water and adequate sewers; a village protected by a top-notch volunteer fire department and an efficient police force.

Significant I think, is the work of all members of the Board of Trustees who devote their time and energies without remuneration to the welfare of the residents of Midlothian. We have a strong board ā€“ ready to work together after decisions have been made ā€“ but unwilling to act without full discussion and careful planning.

I hope you will all study this report and make use of it.

Respectfully submitted,

Henry J. Milen
Village President


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